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...definitely bored...


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Expect the Unexpected??

Thursday, August 09, 2007 way.
I don't want to expect too much from anything even the 'unexpected'.

I really don't like the feeling of disappointment and regret so as of today, I will expect lightly (??). I’m slightly (oh really?) paranoid right now and there're so many things that suddenly came to my mind. So I reflected a little (yeah about 2 hrs) from all these thoughts and I’ve decided to just be curious about the future...

I mean, one can suppose that what they assumed can happen but the universe is so complicated that one moment you seemed sure about something then next thing you know the opposite happened (you can even see these moments in the fake world of manga). No one can really predict what exactly will happen in the future...

But, of course, I can't just go with the flow. I might end up in the dump. So iIll just do what i think is good/best/right at the moment, never expect too much from it to avoid too much of disappointment and regrets that I may carry for the rest of my life, and try to seek the unexpect so I can still be ready for anything that may happen. I don't want to claim that I know this will happen, that I'm sure this will be the future. I'll just hope that it will but I'll never say that it is.


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Compelling Converse

Thursday, November 30, 2006

How boring it is to have a chat mate that knows nothing about normal conversation. I say it’s really, really boring!! So what is a normal conversation anyway??

Beats me…

But what I know is you can’t make me all the way pleased even though I started in high spirits. Yeah, almost everyone bores me. What makes me bore stiff, you say?? Well, I’ll tell you!!!

The number one thing that I truly anticipate you people would do is share something!! Although I say a lot of things that amuses you, that doesn’t mean it entertain me, too. When I’m done saying things, don’t just say ah and ok, or I see and oh all the time. This will make me think of another topic, ask maddening questions, or maybe worse, end the tête-à-tête coz I can’t think of another subject. Try to expand the matter by telling something related to that. When doing so, ideas will flow liberally and the conversation will be constant.

And when I asked if you’re doing something, please, please, please don’t fib and make me a company. In actual fact, it doesn’t makes me a company. Seriously, this will help both of us. Since you’re busy with something else, we won’t be able to have a constant conversation. That means you will bore me and finishing you’re job might take you some added time.

Now, number two!!!

Don’t hack me off.
It’s boring and annoying.

Don’t bother when I’m frenzied. If you see the red dot that marks busy, you know what it means. I’m trying to be nice to all that’s why I still consider people even when I’m full of activity. But please, you know what the red dot thingie means and you know how it feels when some random person talk nonsense stuff when you’re in a hectic situation, right?? I only accept important announcement at that particular time so try to remember that, ok?? Ok.

But there are exceptions. I always place what I’m currently doing in my status message and when the message says twaddle things then you can nark. But not that long.


Give some trivia.

If truth be told, I’m fond of trivias. If you think the conversation gets a little...rancid then start giving some interesting info. Maybe I can part some things worthy of note in return.

I guess that’s all.
I can’t think of anything else right now.
Perhaps I’ll add more afterward.


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Sightless and Irksome Individuals

Sunday, November 26, 2006

One of the things I hate other than going out of my room is someone crushing on me. And what I mean crushing is liking in a more than mild way…and have plans that I don’t want to know. Although it’s flattering to some, that somebody actually like their façade and character, it's...uhh...not for me to be glad about if ever that happens to me.

It’s not that I don’t [and will never be ] share the same...mind-sets. The truth is, for me, that kind of occurrence is out of the ordinary, it’s not normal, it’s eerie, and it’s not suppose to happen. And there are times that my crushes gave me that similar fondness...But in return, I disregard my approach for them.

Why?? Because it’s uncanny....because it’s not supposed to be like that!!

Weird, huh??
Yeah, I know. Even I can’t be au fait with.

And now let’s talk about woos.

Courtship is.... sordid!!!!
No way, man!! I’m not that much of a female that I would take that, or tolerate it even!!!






Do they notice that I’m always with non-girl like posse?? Are they blind??

What’s wrong with you people!!!


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Greatest Fear

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yes…my greatest fear will… happen…someday.

I’ve been hearing some cracking sound just below my right ear whenever I open or close my mouth. It’s kind of bothering me especially when I eat. Ruzz told me it’s something I shouldn’t set aside. So I went to her house [her mom’s a dentist] and there her mom told me my jaw developed….oddly. Braces are necessary.

No, no…having braces is not my greatest fear.

She told me to go somewhere [forgot where that is] and get a copy of my x-rayed jaw including my teeth and stuff before my “affair”. It looked weird but hey, I don’t know anything about teeth and jaws so why bother.

So there it is…today is the day. But before anything happens, the dentist checks my x-rayed jaw.

This is the most startling part.

I need surgery.

My soon to be bare wisdom teeth [there’re two] are shown horizontally in the direction of my cheeks instead of vertically towards the inside of my mouth. When they’re out, they’ll eventually damage my jaw while scratching each other. Good thing I only have two.

But that’s not the reason why my jaw is like this. In effect, I yawn too much that my jawbone practically ruins itself. I blame my boring teachers.

Yezzzz…yawning too much is bad, bad, bad.

Now, I have braces. They’re a little ok and it doesn’t hurt, I guess…except for the part that I can’t eat anything I want anymore.

The surgery will take place once those little mistakes show a small part of them.


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